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Gaming Platform Customization Services

Advantech-Innocore is dedicated to helping customers develop reliable gaming machines. We have decades of industrial ePlatform design know-how, gaming domain know-how and experience with comprehensive software packages. We offer hardware platforms, peripherals, and software solutions specifically designed for the gaming market segment, and value-added customization services for casino, Class II, “Amusement With Prizes" machines (AWP), arcade, and pachislot applications requiring sophisticated graphics, audio performance, multi-I/O controls, and chassis design. We are proud that our complete services reach gaming customer needs worldwide.
Advantech Gaming Total Solutions

Hardware Design Services
  • Custom CPU board designs: x86-based Intel® and AMD platforms for the gaming industry
  • GPU design-in services (on-board or modular GPUs solutions)
  • Memory onboard design
  • Discrete high performance GPU on board (S3 Graphics, AMD, other)
  • Flexible form factor design
  • Fanless solution (thermal simulation with custom chassis)
  • Custom I/O connections
  • Various security solutions
  • Longevity support
Firmware & OS Design Services
  • FPGA security design (I Button®, nVSRMS, etc.)
  • FPGA flexible custom design(PCI/LPC/UART/I2C interface
  • BIOS customized
  • ATA security command support
  • H/W monitor API customer(voltage, fan speed, temp, etc.)
  • SRAM/FRAM access API support
  • PCI FPGA driver support
  • Embedded OS support (Microsoft® Embedded OS, QNX, VxWorks, Linux, RTX, ETS OS)
  • OS image development & customization
System Design Services
  • Gaming application oriented system design
  • Custom enclosures and chassis design
  • Peripheral integration
  • System validation (thermal simulation & testing, vibration testing, drop testing, safety & EMC pre-scan, etc.)
  • System integration & certification
  • Safety & EMC pre-scan with custom chassis