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Date: 2/18/2017
Successful ICE 2017 found new opportunities for Advantech-Innocore
February 21, 2017 

– The ICE 2017 tradeshow was a big success for Advantech-Innocore. The show provided a great venue to find new opportunities and showcase our products to new and existing customers and even cementing some significant new business contracts for the coming years.

ICE 2017 saw Advantech showing the largest number of products that we have ever brought to London for the show. We have the board level products (DPX-S440, DPX-E250) and two system level products (DPX-E135 and DPX-S2440) as well as the largest release of new graphics cards to complement our gaming platforms. Apart from these new gaming platforms and graphics cards, we also showcased a broad selection of Advantech’s other products that are applicable to the gaming industry. Products included industrial LCD touchcreen monitors with exciting innovations such as bezel-less touchscreens, high brightness, remote management, vandal proof features and new curved screen models. Alongside our highly successful industrial flash (SQF) product line, we also displayed industrial motherboards in many formats such as COM Express, Mini-ITX, Q7 and including CPU technologies from Intel, AMD and ARM (RISC).
The most interest from visitors was focused on our gaming platforms, the curved LCDs and newly released graphics cards.
The products we were showing specifically for Europe are the DPX-E130 a complete platform tailored for the Italian market, and the DPX-E135 targeting low cost markets needing a high performance and low cost platform and including some special features for European markets such as secure precise real time clock and specialized GPIO. 

New graphics cards were on show that expand our range of high performance long lifecycle cards. As the graphics displayed on slot machines become ever more elaborate the need for high performance cards increases. At the show we debuted no fewer than five new cards in PCI-Express format featuring AMD E9260, E9550, and RX-460. We also showed upcoming cards with Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 and GTX1060 graphics processors. The scalability and graphics options on Advantech’s gaming platforms give customers an unrivalled range of price, performance and lifecycle choices.
The DPX- S440 offers excellent graphics and video decoding from the integrated AMD R-Series SOC APU (formerly Merlin Falcon) on up to three screens. For more demanding applications the product also includes a standard PCI-Express graphics expansion slot so customers can integrate a high performance discrete graphics card to reach higher levels of performance. Provision for a standard graphics card slot saves the customer money over proprietary cards and opens up the widest selection of graphics card to fit all performance requirements. We can also supply a wide range of long lifecycle high performance graphics cards which can be preinstalled in our systems.

The DPX-E250 a Xeon® capable motherboard features the very latest 4th Generation Intel® Core™ architecture CPUs up to and including Intel Xeon CPUs. Best in class CPU performance – the DPX-E250 supports a huge range of price and performance from dual core Celeron, through Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and up to Xeon CPUs. The latest Intel embedded platform ensures customers a long lived (guaranteed 5 years in production), and future proof platform ready for whatever performance needs come along.

2016 was a record year of sales for Advantech to the gaming sector and based on the new business from ICE 2017 we are confident 2017 will be another stellar year for us as we continue to grow our business and provide the widest range of computing solutions for all segments of the global gaming market.