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Date: 10/18/2016
Advantech-Innocore promotes the new DPX-S440 Gaming Platform and DPX-E135 Gaming System.

Advantech-Innocore, the established leader in specialized computer platforms for casino gaming and lottery, is pleased to promote the new DPX-S440 Gaming Platform and DPX-E135 Gaming System.  


DPX-S440 Gaming Platform

The DPX-S440 is the latest member of the highly successful DPX® S –Series products. Based on the new AMD R-Series SOC high performance embedded platform, the DPX-S440 is a hugely capable single board integrated solution with a full feature set of I/O, COMs, storage and advanced security designed specifically for the gaming industry.

Featuring the AMD R- Series SOC with AMD Radeon™ R7 Graphics the DPX-S440 gives the gaming OEM “Best in class” integrated GPU performance with the capabilities to drive higher resolution displays including up to three 4k displays for the next generation of immersive graphics- intensive gaming machines.

The AMD Radeon™ R7 Graphics in the R-Series SOC platform pushes the performance bar of integrated graphics up considerably with 3rd Gen Graphics Next Architecture (Up to 8 CU) sporting features including Direct X 12 support as well as UVD 6 with H.265 4K 60fps decode.

Three independent monitors are supported via three DisplayPort 1.2 DP++ ports and for even higher performance the standard PCI-Express graphics card slot allows the DPX-S440 to support the latest discrete graphics cards.

The AMD Embedded R-Series SOC platform ensures customers a long lived and future proof platform.  As the latest member of the field proven DPX-S Series, the DPX-S440 is backwards compatible with previous models giving existing customers an easy migration path to the fastest technology available.  The DPX-S440 supports Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and embedded Microsoft operating systems as well as Linux.

The all-in-one platform offers all the hardware interfaces, onboard features and security needed for a typical slot machine for the regulated casino gaming market. The gaming subsystem is field proven and approved by regulatory labs for markets worldwide.  Leveraging this proven technology combined with the latest AMD high performance R-Series SOC APUs, the gaming OEM can benefit from low risk, fast time to market for the next generation gaming product.


DPX-E135 Gaming System

The DPX®-E135 is a complete gaming system for the regulated casino, VLT and AWP gaming markets combining all the hardware features necessary for a regulated gaming platform together in a high performance industrial grade system.

Adding a new dimension to the DPX®-E series range, one of the distinguishing features of the product is the “Cabinet-ready I/O”.  The “PC heart” of the DPX-E135 is the 3rd generation AMD’s G Series embedded platform, with the latest high performance dual and quad core SOC devices operating up to 2.4GHz and a “Discrete-level Graphics” core (Radeon HD8000) outputs to two independent monitors via two DisplayPort 1.2 DP++ ports plus a VGA legacy port.

The unique Cabinet-ready I/O feature of the product eliminates the need for expensive extra I/O backplanes or harnesses allowing simple connectors and cable assemblies to be used.   Many other gamingplatforms rely on separate backplanes or use exotic high density connectors which force the OEM or cabinet maker to devise special converter boards or expensive harnesses.  Not so with the DPX-E135, which allows them to use the same field- proven connector systems which are commonly used in the casino and amusement industry.  This saves cost and simplifies the design and service of the machines.

Intelligently designed specifically for the gaming industry, the DPX-E135 is the ideal integratedplatform for many gaming, amusement and kiosk applications calling for a cost-effective, high performance, passive cooled gaming platform.