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Date: 9/12/2016
“Cabinet-Ready I/O” : Gaming Intelligence in Action

“Gaming Intelligence”
At the G2E tradeshow (Advantech stand number 3841) , the company’s theme is “Gaming Intelligence”.  This theme aptly encompasses the company’s products which provide the intelligent CPU platform at the heart of slot machines, but it also applies to the knowledge of the gaming industry the company has gained after 15 year experience and their added value hardware and software solutions.  One newly released product that exemplifies how Advantech intelligently tailors the latest embedded computing technology to exactly fit the needs of the gaming industry is the DPX-E135.

DPX-E135 Gaming System
The DPX®-E135 is a complete gaming system for the regulated casino, VLT and AWP gaming markets combining all the hardware features necessary for a regulated gaming platform together in a high performance industrial grade system.

Adding a new dimension to the DPX®-E series range, one of the distinguishing features of the product is the “Cabinet-ready I/O”.  The “PC heart” of the DPX-E135 is the 3rd generation AMD’s G Series embedded platform, with the latest high performance dual and quad core SOC devices operating up to 2.4GHz and a “Discrete-level Graphics” core (Radeon HD8000) outputs to two independent monitors via two DisplayPort 1.2 DP++ ports plus a VGA legacy port.

The unique Cabinet-ready I/O feature of the product eliminates the need for expensive extra I/O backplanes or harnesses allowing simple connectors and cable assemblies to be used.   Many other gaming platforms rely on separate backplanes or use exotic high density connectors which force the OEM or cabinet maker to devise special converter boards or expensive harnesses.  Not so with the DPX-E135 which allows them to use the same field- proven connector systems which are commonly used in the casino and amusement industry.  This saves cost,  and simplifies the design and service of the machines.

Intelligently designed specifically for the gaming industry, the DPX-E135 is the ideal integrated platform for many gaming, amusement and kiosk applications calling for a cost-effective, high performance, passive cooled gaming platform.