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Immersive experiences with integrated digital signage solutions
Advantech smart digital signage solutions cover the most business and environmental needs, from single stores to central management, and commercial to industrial applications. Advantech provides pre-integrated hardware and software solutions with content management, device monitoring, and content security software for a flexible range of
【AIM-65 Application Case Study】Taiwan National Theater and Concert Hall Adopts AIM-65 Tablet for Arts Bank Reward Program
Taiwan’s National Theater and Concert Hall (NTCH) recently established a rewards program - Arts Bank - aimed at encouraging children to participate in arts and culture. To facilitate this program, the NTCH adopted Advantech’s AIM-65 industrial-grade tablet for scanning member cards.
2019Q2_White UTC-300 /500 series launch eDM
2019Q2_White UTC-300 /500 series launch eDM
Advantech Launches AVALO Series Products- USC-250 Enterprise-Grade AiO Computer and USC-M3 Touch Monitor
Advantech Launches AVALO Series Products- USC-250 Enterprise-Grade AiO Computer and USC-M3 Touch Monitor
Creating A Better Passenger Experience with Advantech's Infotainment and PIS Solution
Our solutions for passenger information system (PIS) deliver real-time travel updates, while our integrated infotainment solution, with LTE, WIFI and media servers, meets entertainment demands for business travelers and tourist. In addition, all our railway products are EN50155 and EN50121 standard certified.
Increase Test Speed and Efficiency with Advantech's Full Spectrum PCI Express DAQ Cards
Advantech now provides a complete series of PCI Express Data Acquisition & Control products to meet different demands in the automation test & measurement market. The PCIE-1840 high speed digitizer, PCIE-1813 high-resolution static signal analyzer and the PCIE-1802 dynamic signal analyzer, are high performance DAQ cards especially ideal for fields
One-Stop-Shop Microsoft IoT Solutions
As a Microsoft global Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Advantech utilizes its specialized industry domain know-how to help both Azure users and resellers. Drawing from our hardware expertise, we leverage Azure cloud services to guarantee our customers enjoy the best Azure user experience.
Realizing the Power of AI
Advantech SKY-6000s GPU Server Solution
Extensive Industrial Communication Cards Satisfy All the Needs for Equipment Connectivity
Advantech’s complete industrial communication cards, with more than 30 models, are ready for you to implement in your system! With industrial-grade certification and protection, Advantech’s serial communication cards are designed for field devices that use the RS-232/422/485 serial communication physical interface, and furthermore,
Advantech Launches New DLT-V72 Facelift Series for Enhanced Performance
Advantech Launches New DLT-V72 Facelift Series for Enhanced Performance
2019Q2_UTC-700 Series launch eDM
2019Q2_UTC-700 Series launch eDM
Extend Your Network Coverage with Fiber Optics
Advantech Ethernet to fiber media converter solutions that expand the capability of existent copper Ethernet-based hardware.
2019Q2_UTK-500 Series pre-launch promotion
2019Q2_UTK-500 Series pre-launch promotion
2019Q2_UTC-700 Series pre-launch promotion
2019Q2_UTC-700 Series pre-launch promotion
Enabling Data-Driven Asset Management-WISE-710 Series
We are glad to announce the launch of modular data collection gateway,WISE-710, for edge IoT applications.Plus, Advantech has developed an edge solution-ready package(ESRP) based on the WISE-710 terminal and aimed at enhancing machine intelligence through data collection.
Comprehensive Industrial Security Solution
In 2018 there was an average of 480 new threats per minute with a sharp increase in malware targeting IoT devices. Advantech provides a comprehensive IoT security software solution which is powered by Windows IoT 10 Enterprise, McAfee and Acronis to help enhance device reliability and achieve quick system recovery that minimizes loss.
Q2 IIoT CCPC External Webinar
Co-Create the Future of Industry 4.0 with Advantech
Advantech IIoT Intelligent Connectivity 2019 April Webinar
In the previous webinar, we have talked about the invisible IIoT threats that people are not aware of. In this section, we are further discussing how to identify who your external and internal trouble makers are by introducing you the idea of "Zone Defense Strategy" against attack.
2019Q1_UTC-200G Series pre-launch promotion
2019Q1_UTC-200G Series pre-launch promotion
Cost-effective solutions with flexible functionality for diverse applications.
Cost-effective solutions with flexible functionality for diverse applications.
Advantech Lightning Solution- Accelerating the Genomics Pipeline​
Today, academic researchers and gene service providers face the problem of processing an endless array of genomic data. This time consuming process hinders the research process. To address this, a lightning quick solution was devised - a genetic sequencing all-inone server that optimizes and accelerates data processing.
Embracing the Hybrid Cloud with Advantech- Microsoft Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2019 is the operating system that bridges on-premises and cloud- Extend your datacenter to Azure to maximize existing investments, elevate your security infrastructure by protecting the datacenter and enable Developers and IT Pros to create cloud native, modernize traditional apps
Let Data Travel Further with Advantech SFP Modules
Advantech's SFP (small form-factor pluggable) modules are compact, hot-swappable optical module transceivers for use in both telecommunication and data communications with a variety of transmitter and receiver specifications.
Advantech New Generation Modbus Router
Advantech, a leading supplier of industrial communication solutions, presents the EKI-1220R series of Modbus routers, which have been designed to provide protocol conversion, routing functionality, and security features.
2019Q1_PPC-6000 Phase Out_GA
The PPC-6150/6170 will be phasing out this year. Check out their replacements now!
2019Q1_PPC-6000 Phase Out_KA
The PPC-6150/6170 will be phasing out this year. Check out their replacements today!
Your Most Economical Choice for Great Efficiency and Productivity
Fanless Embedded Computers- Fully Modular Design for AIoT Applicaitons
Advantech ARK systems are designed rapidly configurable modular along with Advantech WISE-PaaS, cloud services, and AI analytics suite for industrial embedded IoT applications .
Expect More-Modular Embedded Automation PC
Designed to deliver high-performance computing and maximum flexibility for industrial Internet of Things applications, UNO-2484G is a highly ruggedized next-generation platform equipped with the latest Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processor.
Three Steps to Enable Your IoT Edge Application Deployment
During this webinar, you will learn: 💡How to choose a suitable wireless module from our wireless module selection 💡What is antenna good design and RF integration? 💡Things you need to be aware of for European and North American compliance.
FPM-1150G industrial monitors offer the best value for the price. Learn more today.
2019Q1_iCom Webinar Feb
Register now for our Intelligent Connectivity Webinar.
2019Q1_PPC-3100/3120 Phase Out
PPC-3100/3120-RAE will be phasing out. Learn more about the replacement models.
LEO-D ePaper Solutions
Sub-1GHz Technology Ensures High-Penetration Data Transmissions
Advantech IIoT Intelligent Connectivity 2019 February Webinar
IoT connected devices are forecast to be 30 billion worldwide. How to manage the great number of connected devices in an efficient way to secure data becomes critical. During the webinar, we focus on security issue through the following two topics: 1. The hidden IIoT threats you don't know 2. How multi-site management becomes easier and securer
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Powers the Intelligent Edge
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise RS5 has ten years of support available through Long Term Servicing Channel (LTCS). Includes significant improvements to Assigned Access and contains Windows AI platform to support for Azure IoT Edge and Azure IoT Device Management.
USM-500 product launch eDM
2019 January WISE-PaaS Alliance eNewsletter
We are glad to announce that there are 134 VIP members have been joined WISE-PaaS alliance by far. Starting from 2016, Advantech has devoted in continuous contributing all global partners of WISE-PaaS alliance's business success by establishing a new era of ecosystem. Advantech aims to co-create AIoT domain-specific solutions.
2019Q1_DistribuTECH 2019
Visit us at booth 6054 during the DistribuTECH show in New Orleans February 5-7!
Advantech SOM-5871 with AMD RyzenTM Embedded V1000
SOM-5871 is equipped with the latest and first 14nm AMD RyzenTM Embedded V1000 Processor (12-54W TDP) with up to four cores and eight threads. The AMD “Zen” core micro-architecture on the new COM Express (PICMG COM.0) R3.0 Type 6 basic module provides high computing power, and advanced graphics performance.
2019Q1_UTC-307/310 launch eDM
2019Q1_UTC-307/310 launch eDM
Invitation eDM for 2019 Arab Health
Clinical All-in-one Computer for Healthcare Applications
Advantech POC-L Touch Computer series
Advantech Intelligent Connectivity Team Wish You a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year
In 2018, Advantech teams have been successful in leveraging over 20 years of industry experience to develop industrial communication products that provide reliable wired and wireless communication solutions for mission-critical applications. In 2019, we sincerely invite you to build up an IIoT world with us!
Advantech LPWAN/LoRa Pricate Network Solution
Advantech LPWAN/LoRa Pricate Network Solution
eDM for POC whitepaper download
Maximized Operation Efficiency in Factory Automation
IoT evolution allows real-time access to devices and machines to penetrate further into digitized systems. With Advantech Modular Fanless Box PC and Industrial Display, the production line can be automated with robotic machine control as well as visual inspection and data visualization to maximize operation efficiency.
E2I eDM-Bringing Intelligence to Your Equipment
Bringing Intelligence to Your Equipment
Advantech IIoT Intelligent Communication November Webinar
During the 30-min webinar, we will be presenting you "ICR - new series of Advantech Cellular Routers and IIoT Gateways" along with its user scenarios. Featuring in various functionalities such as network redundancy, NAT/routing and security/firewall, Advantech ICR series brings users to a whole new level of wireless networking experience.
SQFlash 920 new product launch
SQFlash 920 new product launch
Advantech Heterogeneous Network Integration Solution
Advantech offers numerous wired and wireless products to convert different legacy protocols and interfaces to modern networking systems to avoid a complete overhaul of existing equipment and devices, saving cost and avoiding software programming errors.
Advantech Intelligent Connectivity World Ranking
Advantech's industrial communication solutions offer various wires and wireless communication technologies, ensuring a secure and seamless connection of every layer in the industrial communication network.
Exploring AI Inception with Advantech Edge Inference Computer
Exploring AI Inception with Advantech Edge Inference Computer, powered by NVIDIA GPU card with industrial reliability and easy maintenance.
Advantech IIoT Intelligent Connectivity 2018 October Webinar
During the 60-min webinar, we will spend 20 minutes on the latest PoE trend: 802.3bt and its potential applications. Following that, we will introduce you Advantech new EN50155 Ethernet switches which help not only save much space but also guarantee an expandable, reliable and stable network transmission.
201810_SIoT_GITEX Invitation
201810_SIoT_GITEX Invitation
201809_SIoT_GITEX Invitation
201809_SIoT_GITEX Invitation
Advantech IIoT Intelligent Connectivity 2018 September Webinar
IIoT Intelligent Connectivity Group sincerely invite you to join our webinar on Thursday, September 27. 1 new product information (Fieldbus gateway for OPC UA and Node-RED) and 1 technical sharing (Key steps to make your network secure) will be presented to you during the 60-min webinar. Two time slots are available for different region needs.
20180828_UTC AIO kiosk solution eDM
20180828_UTC AIO kiosk solution eDM
Compact 32-port Distributed RS-485/232/422 Device Server
Compact 32-port Distributed RS-485/232/422 Device Server
Industrial Mobile Computing Solutions for Diverse Applications
Industrial Mobile Computing Solutions for Diverse Applications
2018Q3_USM-110_Launch eDM
USM-110 Launch eDM to Worldwide
En_SmartMesh Solutions For Industry4.0 Webinar
Advantech, ADI, Arm SmartMesh Solutions For Industry4.0 Webinar
LoRa Node & Gateway
LoRa Node & Gateway
2018Q3_UTC-307,310 early bird promotion
2018Q3_UTC-307,310 early bird promotion
Advantech IIoT iConnectivity 2018 August Webinar
IIoT iConnectivity Group sincerely invite you to join our webinar on Wednesday, August 29. In the 60-minute webinar, we will be presenting two hot topics, VDSL Long Reach Ethernet Solution and Success Stories of LoRaWAN, sharing our knowledge of the industry and precious experiences during project implementation.
Advantech Launches a Broad Selection of Rackmount GPU Servers
The SKY-6000 GPU server series are powered by dual Intel® Xeon® scalable processors and each of these highly scalable GPU-optimized servers support up to 5 NVIDIA® Tesla® P4 GPUs. IPMI management functions and smart fan control ensure better temperature control and thermal management environments.
[Africa ADAM I/O]
IIoT Newsletter_201807
IIoT Newsletter_201807
Immersive experience with multi-display signage solutions
Advantech networked digital signage solutions provide instantly updatable ambience for your multi-display applications in retail, quick service restaurant and transportation fields with one-stop shop offerings.
Advantech Sensing Devices to Azure Solution
Advantech Sensing Devices to Azure Solution
Improving the Rail Passenger Experience with Advantech's PIS & CCTV Solutions
ur solution for passenger information system (PIS) delivers real-time travel updates and infotainment, while our CCTV solution ensures the safety and security of rail travels, both of which improve the traveler experience ultimately.
Advantech LoRa and LoRaWAN Solutions for Intelligent Monitoring Applications
Advantech, a leading supplier of industrial communication solutions, has expanded its line of wireless products with the launch of the WISE-6610 LoRaWAN gateway and Wzzard LRPv2 LoRaWAN node.
Stay Connected with the Cutting Edge Infrastructure Solutions- EKI Switches and IPC
Stay Connected with the Cutting Edge Infrastructure Solutions- EKI Switches and IPC
Advantech Security Pack: Defending Your Data Against Internal and External Cyber Threats
Common Internet security threats such as information theft, DNS spoofing and denial-of-service attach are not just in the movie but everywhere in our lives. Advantech security pack protect your network from malicious intrusion by serving features including access control list, network access control, IP security and login authentication.
EKI-2525LI, the smallest Ethernet switch in the world
The EKI-2525LI is an unmanaged 5-port Ethernet switch that comes in an ultra-small palm size, making it the ideal solution for environments with limited space, such as electronic boxes, cabinets, and high-density plants.
Advantech Industrial VDSL Package
Advantech, a leading supplier of industrial communication solutions, is broadening its range of wired Ethernet solutions by launching a VDSL package, namely the VDSL extender EKI-1751 series and the VDSL SFP module EKI-7700-2F(P)2V series.
2018Q2_UTC-200 series launch eDM
2018Q2_UTC-200 series launch eDM
Implementation of Advantech’s Cellular Router Solution for the Real-Time Monitoring of Sydney Ferries
In Sydney, Australia, around 14.7 million trips are made on the Sydney ferry network every year. This service is not only a great convenience for only local residents and daily commuters, but also a key tourist attraction for international travelers. Advantech cellular router successfully built a remote real-time monitoring and localization system.
Industrial Cellular Router SR309 Deployed in Boiler Rooms in LATAM
In addition to being used in industrial settings, boiler rooms are also present in commercial and service settings such as hospitals, hotels, and school campuses. See how Advantech cellular router enables a wireless boiler room monitoring and management.
Advantech Industrial Solution Provider, Making Rugged Simple
Advantech has been providing both the military and aerospace markets with industrial-grade COTS building block products and services for many years. With the specific goal of simplifying new product development efforts. Advantech’s Computer-On-Module (COM) products provide the perfect foundation for new rugged product designs.
Advantech AI ディープラーニング ソリューションデイを開催いたします!
アドバンテック株式会社は、2018年4月13日(金)、東京駅前にて「Advantech AI ディープラーニング ソリューションデイ」を開催いたします! AI(Artificial Intelligence: 人工知能)は、機械に知性を与え、人間と同様の能力を持たせる目標を持った科学です。現代における産業に向けてのオートメーション事業や製造現場におけるスマート工場化、そして経済産業省が提唱してい
Enjoy a Safe and Entertaining Journey with Advantech’s Infotainment & CCTV Solution
Advantech offers an integrated infotainment solution with LTE, WiFi and media server for to meet today’s entertainment demands from business travelers and tourists. Advantech also provides on-board safety and security CCTV systems featuring H.264 high-definition image acquisition.
Upgrade to An IIoT Plant with Advantech Fieldbus Gateways
Advantech Fieldbus gateway EKI-1242 series can connect edge devices to the core industrial network, and free plant operators from time consuming and lousy procedures of integrating industrial protocols, so as to help build a green intelligent IIoT plant.
The Latest Embedded SBC Offering
Powered by Intel Pentium N4200/Celeron N3350/Atom E3900 Series Processor
Build Your Smart Transportation Strategy with Advantech’s ITS Solutions
Build Your Smart Transportation Strategy with Advantech’s ITS Solutions
Industry's Widest Selection of Industrial Unmanaged Switches
Industry's Widest Selection of Industrial Unmanaged Switches
Advantech's High Performance Control Cabinet PC
Advantech's new UNO-3285C are renowned for the high performance, large number of I/O ports and iDoor/PCIe/PCI expansion. It's your most economical choice for great efficiency and productivity.
Advantech Intelligent Factory Connectivity of the Future
As manufacturing companies expand and leverage their scale and manufacturing capacity, one of the major challenges they face is to improve their operational efficiency. By using Advantech's solution to realize cross-system integration, factory managers can actively ensure the delivery of quality products in a timely, effective manner.
Integrated Solutions for Road Transportation: Intelligent Connectivity, Seamless Travels
Integrated Solutions for Road Transportation: Intelligent Connectivity, Seamless Travels
Advantech Enhance Your Scalability - Connect to Innovate with Advantech ASMB Series Server Board
Advantech now provides a new series of ASMB server boards powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with up to 28 cores providing at least a 1.5-fold increase in computing power compared to previous Xeon® processor generations.
Arm Mbed End-to-End Security in Smart Manufacture
As a smart factory often downloads software from the cloud or makes changes to the firmware from a cloud management platform A comprehensive Mbed Security solution is needed to protect the data from leaking, whether during the process of gathering, or transmission, or of storage.
Arm Mbed Remote Software Update for Smart Agriculture
A large scale Smart Farm application requires deployment of numerous sensors over a wide area. Advantech provides Mbed Software Update to reduce costs for deployment, operation and maintenance, as well as longer product service life and better wireless communication coverage.
Advantech Realizes Artificial Intelligent with Deep Learning Solution
Implementing AI technologies is important for advancing the scope of IIoT. AI technologies are highly tailored to individual tasks and each application requires specialized research and unique construction. Deep Learning, a form of machine learning based on trained datasets, has facilitated advanced pattern recognition in images...
Facilitating Efficient Network Management through Advantech’s Layer 3 Switch - EKI-9600 Series
Facilitating Efficient Network Management through Advantech’s Layer 3 Switch - EKI-9600 Series
Centralized Arm Device Management for Smart City
Advantech’s wide coverage wireless connectivity solution is empowered by Arm’s reliable core technology. With benefits such as low power usage and various wireless transmitting module selections and Arm Mbed Cloud services, this combination is perfect for smart city scenarios.
Why Medical Display are Essential to Medical Imaging
Why Medical Display are Essential to Medical Imaging
201708_Realize Smart Factories with Wireless Equipment Connectivity_WebAccess x WISE
The first step in realizing smart factories for Industry 4.0 is the implementation of equipment connectivity.Considering the space limitations and wired legacy equipment common in most factories, Advantech developed a simple wireless solution with WebAccess software and wireless I/O modules for collecting real-time production data.
Advantech Always-on Solution Enjoy 99.999% Uptime
In today’s business world, downtime of critical infrastructure applications such as industrial automation, has wide ranging economic, security and legal consequences. For these applications, recovering from a failure, no matter how fast it may be, is simply not an option. This is where an always-on solution.
Advantech Comprehensive Railway Signaling and ISCS Solution
Advantech offers comprehensive solutions of railway signaling and Integrated Supervisory Control System (ISCS), inducing ITA-2000 Series, 3U CPCI, and Ethernet Train Networks. With compliance with EN 50121-4, they are the most suitable for wayside applications.
Microsoft Azure+ EIS, Rapid Deployment to the IoT Cloud
Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of pre-integrated cloud services that allows you to quickly deploy cloud infrastructures and services to meet all your business needs.
Advantech’s EN50155 Solution Guarantees Reliable Performance for Rolling Stock Systems
With decades of experience, Advantech’s EN50155 solution has helped many customers around the world to successfully build a robust rolling stock system to guarantee reliable performance anytime, anywhere!
Optimize Your Broadcasting Infrastructure with Advantech NVMe Storage Servers
Advantech’s full range of NVMe SSD servers and storage solutions are targeted at television broadcasting and video production studios. So future proof your storage requirements with Advantech’s optimized 1U to 4U NVMe SSD storage servers.
2017Q2_UTC-542 launch eDM
2017Q2_UTC-542 launch eDM
Advantech’s Protocol Conversion Solution: Realizing Interoperability in Factory Automation without Blowing Your Budget
Advantech’s Protocol Conversion Solution gives you an unparalleled advantage of realizing interoperability in factory automation to avoid replacing incompatible network devices and extend their useful life without a heavy price tag or major upgrade.
Accelerate Your Business with Advantech's Full Range of NVMe Storage Servers
Advantech’s full range of NVMe servers and storage solutions are targeted at Industrial 4.0 demands. They fulfill a variety of application demands in surveillance, network security, broadcasting, and factory automation.
Advantech AIIS. Your Intelligent Eyes.
Advantech AIIS Series are closely aligned with Machine Automation applications such as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Wafer Inspection, and alignment inspection which heavily rely on machine vision. With PoE/USB3.0 Vision and rich I/O Interface, AIIS Series are characterized with performance computing and low power consumption, intelligent man
Revolutionary Industrial PC for IoT Era
Revolutionary Industrial PC for IoT Era -- MIC-7000 series
In the IoT era, industrial automation has gradually become more reliable in serving the production process. With Advantech's reliable embedded IoT system solutions, the production line becomes efficiently and effectively automated.
【IoT Insight Apr】IoT Platforms: A foundation for success
IoT platforms can be used both to develop IoT applications and to integrate them into the world of enterprise. As such, they are an important component of almost all new business models that link the physical with the virtual world
Enhance Equipment Security for Machine Automation
Enhance Equipment Security for Machine Automation
Stay Connected with the Cutting Edge Infrastructure Solutions- EKI Switches and IPC
Stay Connected with the Cutting Edge Infrastructure Solutions- EKI Switches and IPC
An easier Way to connect legacy onnectivity devices.
Compact Qseven modules for Mobile and Multi-graphic Applications
Compact Qseven modules for Mobile and Multi-graphic Applications
IoT System Deployment in Intelligent Factory
IoT System Deployment in Intelligent Factory
【IoT Insight Mar.】Will the cloud be a safe haven for data in 2017?
Security concerns used to be the biggest impediments to public cloud adoption. But, in 2017, that will no longer be the case. Experts offer differing opinions on where cloud security is headed...
"iFactory SRP-FPV220" - the new solution to master factories
iFactory SRP-FPV220 is Launched

Now, You Can Simply Order SRP Online!
"iFactory SRP-FEC210" - the new solution to master factories
iFactory SRP-FEC210 is Launched

Now, You Can Simply Order SRP Online!
"iFactory SRP-FEC220" - the new solution to master factories
iFactory SRP-FEC220 is Launched

Now, You Can Simply Order SRP Online!
"iFactory SRP-FPV240" - the new solution to master factories
iFactory SRP-FPV240 is Launched

Now, You Can Simply Order SRP Online!
【IoT Insight Feb.】WISE-PaaS Marketplace Enables IoT Edge Intelligence with Collaborative Software Ecosystem
Advantech launches WISE-PaaS Marketplace, integrated with IoT eco-partners, Microsoft, ARM, Intel Security and Acronis on IoT solutions to accelerate building blocks for customer’s needs to transform business from existing system to cloud fast and easily
EKI-9500 series M12 Managed Ethernet Switch is designed for railway applications, including rolling stock. EKI-9500 series switches use M12 connectors to ensure tight, robust connections, and to guarantee reliable operation against environmental disturbances.
【IoT Insight Jan.】Building Up Edge-to-Cloud Applications with Integrated Hardware plus Software
Advantech Edge Intelligence Server (EIS) accelerates IoT implementation by providing integrated solutions that include an edge computer, WISE-PaaS software packages, IoT development tools, pre-configured cloud services, plus the flexibility to add more software modules from the WISE-PaaS marketplace.
UPOS-510 Launched eDM
UPOS-510 Launched eDM to worldwide
Advantech Launches UTC-510D(PoE) 10.1" All-in-One Touch Computer with PoE Support
Advantech Launches UTC-510D(PoE) 10.1" All-in-One Touch Computer with PoE Support
【IoT Insight Nov.】Advantech EIPS Partnering with Intel ® , Microsoft, ARM and IBM to Process IoT Solutions from Device to Cloud
On October 27-29 Advantech announced at its Embedded IoT Partner Summit (EIPS) that it is collaborating with Intel ®, Microsoft, ARM, and IBM to create Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that cover the span from device to cloud services. More than 200 partners from over 20 countries participated in with valuable knowledge and inspirations.
Emb'Core Internal News - 2016 November
Emb'Core Internal News - 2016 November
Last Chance! Get Windows XP by 31 Dec. 2016
Last Chance! Get Windows XP by 31 Dec. 2016
Windows 10 IoT 2016 Launch
Windows 10 IoT 2016 Launch
【IoT Insight Sep.】Advantech Extended Authorized Embedded Distributor and Microsoft Azure CSP to Japan
Advantech is pleased to announce that its recognition as a Microsoft Global IoT Valued Partner, Authorized Embedded Distributor and Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) has been extended to include Japan. This agreement lays a strong foundation for Advantech’s key position as an embedded computing and IoT service provider in Japan.
【IoT Insight Aug.】Advantech with IBM Announces an Industrial 4.0 Partnership
To further illustrate IoT Smart Factory applications, Advantech and IBM invited global leading manufacturers MIRLE, SAA, and SOLOMON to integrate Industrial 4.0 strategies and demonstrate real on-site IoT development platforms at Advantech’s Linkou Campus on Aug. 18
Well-developed Capture Cards, Well-prepared SDKs
Advantech provides the completed solution which includes video capture card and the industry-grade video process system, capable of supporting all possible video-related applications. From lecture recording, medical imaging, event broadcasting, live video streaming, surveillance to in-time video analysis. Furthermore, with Advantech Software Development Kit (SDK), developers could implement the application software more efficiently and, effectively to fulfill all types of requirements from end-customers.
Visit Advantech at 2016 EQUIPMAG
Visit Advantech at 2016 EQUIPMAG
【IoT Insight July】New WISE-PaaS/RMM 3.1 Launches Open Standards IoT Software Platform
Still looking for a way systematizing mass data collection from numerous end-device? WISE-PaaS/RMM 3.1 highly enhances HW& SW connectivity to optimize communications between devices and sensors.
Emb'Core Internal News - 2016 July
Emb'Core Internal News - 2016 July
Enjoy the Wireless Mobility and Flexibility for Versatile Industrial Applications

Advantech’s iConnectivity Group (ICG) are pleased to announce the launch of two new high performance wireless solutions: the EKI-6331AN and EKI-6332GN. These two Wi-Fi access points/clients are cost effective solutions for a wide range of environments requiring 2.4 GHz (802.11b/g/n) and 5 GHz (802.11a/n) channels depending on the region.

SRP/EIS 產品化推出金獎 豪華郵輪之旅
SRP/EIS 產品化推出金獎 豪華郵輪之旅
2016Q3_UTC-320D/E launch eDM
Advantech, a leading provider of service automation solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of the latest model in its UTC-300 series - UTC-320D/E, a 21.5” all-in-one touch computer that features a slim 18-mm bezel and 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution for an excellent viewing experience.
【IoT Insight June】Advantech Design-in Forum Partnering for IoT Business Opportunities
In ADF, we invited our strategic partners - Taiwan Microsoft, Intel, Bosch, TI and CHT to share their latest IoT solutions and discuss how to bring their solutions to customers’ applications together with Advantech. We also delivered strong IoT Ecosystem and unveiled  IoT Gateway Starter Kit and M2.COM Starter Kit to the onsite 140 customers.
Smart Beverage Process Management in Industry 4.0
optimize traditional production process through digitalizing production information and real-time machine status diagnosis.
Modular System for Quick Equipment Integration
Modular System for Quick Equipment Integration
Enabling Smart Retail with Windows 10 IoT
Enabling Smart Retail with Windows 10 IoT
Powerful, Simplified Network Solutions- Advantech Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
Powerful, Simplified Network Solutions- Advantech Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
Rugged Modular Industrial Computer - supports cPCI for use in harsh industrial environments

什麼是智慧POS ( Intelligent POS )? 智慧POS整合智能影像功能,運用影像資料分析,透視顧客行為分析,也可記錄完整交易訊息及智慧搜尋功能,讓POS更聰明!

AIIS Series, referring to Advantech Intelligent Inspection System, are the product offerings that Advantech specially designed for the use of vision inspection. With the latest, Intel® Core™ processors, AIIS Series are characterized as speedy computing, vision interface and rich I/O and provide solutions for the vertical market of machine automation in the aspect of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), alignment inspection, label inspection, wafer inspection, and process automation.