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Advantech-Innocore gaming peripherals provide options including, amplifier modules, Graphic Cards, Gaming Monitors, solid state storage devices, iButton®, and add-on hardware that fulfill customer needs. As well offer specialized, quality components with long lifecycle support. All gaming platform peripherals are fully compatible with Advantech-Innocore gaming boards and systems.
Long Lifecycle Graphic Cards
Advantech long-lifecycle graphic cards are high performance discrete graphic cards for embedded computing applications. The cards are ideal for adding extra graphics performance to our gaming platforms. Features include: •Nvidia Geforce graphics card and AMD performance GPUs •PCI-e x16 and MXM formats. •low profile models •low power consumption •fanless passive cooled models •up to 6 monitors •3,5 years production lifecycles
Gaming Monitors
The Advantech Open Frame Touch Monitor series are specially designed gaming monitors for gaming applications. They can be used in game applications such as slot machine games, lottery terminals and kiosks where there is a need for good looking large screen gaming monitors for direct user interaction. Advantech Open Frame Touch Monitor series is the ideal display solution for your next generation gaming machine designs.
Solid State Disks, RAM and Other Storage
Advantech-Innocore storage solutions provide a range of storage modules including Compact Flash, IDE and SATA hard Disk on module (DOM), hard disk drive and solid state drives. System integrators in the gaming industry can easily implement security, backup and recovery functions on their own systems or applications with our storage solutions.
Backplanes and Connector Boards
Backplane and Connector Boards provide a convenient way to interface the extensive I/O features of Advantech-Innocore products. Backplanes and Connector Boards offer a cost-effective solution. Making interfaces for board-to-board connector expansion more convenient and flexible.
Peripheral I/O Controllers
The DPX I/O controllers are I/O expansion devices which provide easy ways to interface inputs and outputs for a typical slot machine or kiosk. They provide a variety of functions including inputs, outputs (analog and digital), dedicated logged intrusion inputs, LED lamp and strip drivers, specialized peripheral drivers etc. Connection to the CPU board is via a serial port and a unified software protocol to make interfacing and programming simple and efficient.
The Dallas iButton® is one such device and iButton® devices are available for a number of different functions and supplied drivers and SDK.The DPX®-series boards have a GPIO header that can be used to connect to a variety of simple one-wire or two-wire devices. The GPIO header is a very flexible multi-purpose interface. The GPIO header interface supports any 1-wire® bus device - typical uses could include special purpose I/O, security, memory and data storage.